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Remote Dosimetry School

Why is Stage 1 called a Boot Camp?
Stage 1 is very intensive training similar to military boot camp. Students are very extensively trained with a repeating pattern which has proven to be very successful.

How long is Stage 1?
Stage 1 is 4 weeks long with lectures varying from 3 hrs – 10 hrs per day. Assignments and hands on practice will vary from 3 hrs – 10 hrs per day. Group study sessions frequently occur in the evenings and on weekends.

Are there exams during the Boot Camp?
Yes. There are 3 written exams and 1 cumulative Oral Examination. All students must pass the oral examination. There are no grades. Students either meet criteria and pass or they fail.

Should the Facility have a Medical Physicist and Radiation Oncologist for oversight?
Yes. A certified medical physicist is desired. In the event that the facility does not have full time physics support, arrangements can be made with GPS to provide an auditing / oversight type role. The facility’s radiation oncologist should play an active and supportive role in the growth of the student during this rotation cycle.

What type of project work is required during Stage 2?
Stage 2 is the clinical rotation cycle lasting 11 months. Didactic work to include labs, case presentations, case reports, literature review, journal review, and case comparisons are examples of work that will be required.

Where do the students stay during Stage 1?
Stage 1 is 4 weeks long. Lodging is available at a variety of sites and price ranges. The Administrative Assistant for GPS can provide you with a listing of housing options during this time period.

Are there hands-on exercises during Stage 1?
Yes. Students will be required to demonstrate hands on competency in areas of CT Simulation and Treatment Planning.

What responsibilities do facilities have?
Facility responsibilities are outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).