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Remote Dosimetry School


Andrea Marshall
“Enrolling in the Advanced Radiotherapy Consulting’s Remote Dosimetry Program has proven to be a great decision for me. Brent is a very inspiring instructor, full of enthusiasm for all aspects of Radiation Oncology. I left the boot camp with a good grasp on what it takes to be a Medical Dosimetrist. With the guidance of ARC and my sponsoring dosimetrist, my clinical experience has been priceless and I have no doubts about the decision I made to attend this program.”

Mark Smith
“The ARC Dosimetry School offers a unique and comprehensive course work to guide students through the training necessary to become quality Certified Medical Dosimetrist. I whole heartedly recommend this course as a useful tool to help on through the often complex world of Radiation Therapy.”

David Cook
“I enrolled in the August, 2004 ARC dosimetry program. The program has extensively elevated my knowledge base of dosimetry. The month boot camp provides above necessary tools to become a solid dosimetrist. Brent explained radiation biology, CT based, 3-D conformal planning and the understanding on how to use several treatment planning systems with great detail. I would recommend this program for anyone wanting to become involved in this field.”

Robert Riley
“The ARC training program has been a great learning experience. The Boot Camp in particular was wonderful. I was amazed at the amount of material I learned. Brent is an outstanding teacher who made difficult material much easier to understand and remember. I would definitely recommend this program.”

Jason Sharp
“After being a therapist for 15 years I was looking for a new challenge. The ARC remote dosimetry course made this possible. The remote course provides what I needed; a jump start to dosimetry with the boot camp, an enthusiastic instructor and the support of my institution. The boot camp is certainly one intense month of instruction but I came out with the ability to function in the clinic as a dosimetrist in training. Brent is a dynamic instructor with the ability to put together excellent material and then teach it so it all makes sense. Of course you have to have a committed physicists, physician, and / or dosimetrist at the sponsoring facility. The material that Brent teaches from is all relevant with no “busy work” or filler. It is condensed and to the point. The remote assignments are challenging and again, all relevant work for a dosimetrist.

As a final statement, my wife (a CMD for 10 years) has been very impressed with the teaching materials, the site specific review guides and the technical abilities I gained.”